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11 X 8.5" Letter Size -Overall Size 11-5/8" H x 9-7/8" W
25.50 Ea
Hard Anodized Aluminum, 3 Ring, 175 sheet capacity
IIttem AL 13001-n1 Retail List 85.00 discount 70%
11 x 8.5" Letter Size - Holds up to 100 Sheets small capacity
3 Ring Nickel Rings Hard Anodized Aluminum
Item AL 1300.05-n1
38.15 Ea

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Crane has made a special marketing effort to provide contingency planning aluminum ring binders at most levels of government to support conveying the latest H1N1 Flu message to the world's populace. Pandemic flu planning preparedness.

Capture your audience's attention with the dramatic appearance of aluminum ring binders subtlety engraved with H1N1 Flu on front cover.

You see once you capture their attention on the outside of package they can "Lock on" to your message inside. Reinforce your face to face inter agency board meetings by using presentation ring binders of Aluminum and laser engraved with H1N1 Flu theme. Planning promotes cooperation of diverse societies.

Flu Planners can use Crane's Aluminum 3 ring binder to guide the populace to best prevention practices and successful treatment of H1N1 flu .

Ready information can be sourced at - Know What To Do About The Flu.

AS the H1N1 novel Flu ramps up in fall of 2009 / spring 2010 more than just the pandemic illness is being addressed. Preventing PANIC in the worldwide populace seems to be a necessary contingency planning element. Do not panic.

Note the striking appearance of the subtle laser engraved H1N1 Flu theme title on dramatic Aluminum Binder case with integral aluminum metal hinges. Flu Planning works.

The professionalism of your contingency planning leaps off the cover. Subtle yet Boldly Dramatic.

For many years Crane Binder Technologies has provided high end planning binders to heavy industry and governments. Now Crane has stocked a limited quantity of these engraved 3 ring aluminum binders. A special marketing effort is under way to provide binders and folders to our contacts at WHO, HHS, CDC, State Health Agencies, and associations of County and City Health officials.

MORE FLU........

You survived the 2009 Flu Pandemic.

2017-2018 Flu, H3N2 was brutal, 900,000 hospitalizations, 80,000 deaths last years. Figures just released this week (9/27/18) by CDC. H3N2 flu killed more Americans last year than in past 40 years. Why would a medically informed society suffer more fatalities? The H3N2 tends to be nastier and lead to more health complications.

100 YEARS Pandemic History - One hundred years ago death came with astonishing speed and horrifying agony. Swine or Spanish Flu Influenza killed as many as 50 million people worldwide. Could it happen again today?

Top health and science groups predict influenza pandemics are nearly certain to occur.

Purchase Aluminum ring binder with H1N1 FLU laser engraved as a collector's item, FLU planning guide but most importantly as notebook for your family's active hospitalization medical records.

Hospitals are losing reputation. Do you feel safe being admitted to a hospital? Stay calm. Use aluminum ring binder save your family lives.

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