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Aluminum Clipboard Silver 12 x 9




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Engineered elegance. A sales tool for  business/personal advancement.

Make a Green purchase. Clipboard designed to last a lifetime. Aluminum sourced is recycled. Usually beverage cans. Anheuser-Busch years ago revealed beverage delivered today was another aluminum can 90 days ago. Aluminum Clipboard.

Thick aluminum sheet from mill is anodized to protect your aluminum clipboard investment. Quality Tools, your work place high standards.

Sadly millions of clipboards are sourced from the big box store environment. Lower grade MDF - water and  natural finger tip oils ruins them. STOP IT ! Purchase Crane’s aluminum metal clipboard.

Go for long term durability. Reduce trash in the world. MDF {fake wood} clipboards commonly found in the construction and industrial process plants. STOP IT ! Aluminum clipboard gaining presence in modern offices.

Aluminum is a miracle metal. It does not appear as a natural occurring ore. Aluminum has recently  taken  stride steps in automotive manufacturing. Successful consumer orders just reported for 2017 Chevy BOLT.  Tesla expects to produce 500,000 vehicles per year (2018)  in Its Fremont, California Tesla factory. Crane Binder Technologies wants to sell a small Version of aluminum clipboard to each MODEL 3 owner.

Aluminum Clipboard Specifications
8.5 x 12 inches H
21.59 cm x 30.48 cm
Anodized Silver

P.N. CRAL8512                   List 28.40 each               discounted to 11.50 each                         Add to Cart

SPL NOTE :  Color aluminum clipboards  temporary out of stock.


Aluminum clipboards have long been popular in medical community, hospitals and clinics, Cleanliness and durability. Constant cleaning with disinfectant wipes.

Aluminum menu covers. Increasing in popularity. Modern appearance.

Durable aluminum, contemporary and low maintenance. Choice of aluminum menu board elevates actual meals presented on printed menu.

Menu board with metal clip used in  letter and legal size.



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