Letter size wood clipboard, brown hardboard Wood Clipboard

jumbo clip

jumbo nickel plated clip, 9 x12.5
Spring clip short side, office supplies smooth writing surface and beveled edges wood clipboard. Instant savings SHARE PKG 5. Reduced below cost AMAZON/WALMART is routing small online merchants driving out. Price dropped from 7.49 ea to .88 each. Purchase 5 hardboard clipboards for 4.40 PKG/5.

CB9125J           List 3.49                    discounted to    1.99 ea              
Original Catalog 7.49/3.49 ea.           88ea/PKG 5 4.40                  add to cart


Letter size wood clipboard low profile metal clip

Low Profile Clipboard

Smooth brown hardboard, 9x12.5
spring clip short side, and beveled edges

CB9125L                List 3.49            discounted to  1.99 ea                        add to cart


Legal clipboard, low profile clip, wood clipboard

Low Profile Clipboard

Longer 8.5x14 inch legal documents
Smooth brown hardboard, 9x15.5, corrosion resistant clip
spring clip short side, and beveled edges

HB9155                  List  11.15         discounted to  3.27 ea                        add to cart


Arch Clipboard Wood Clipboard 2 ring wood clipboard

Arch Clipboard

2 ring clipboard
Smooth writing surface, arch ring short side, 2 hole clipboard
9 x 15 brown hardboard, with beveled edges

ARCB915              List  6.95           discounted to   2.49ea                      add to cart


Legal PLUS oversize legal wood clipboard

Low Profile Clipboard

Stronger Low profile metal clip for 8.5 x 14 forms, tempered smooth finish, durable brown writing surface Smooth OA Board size 16 x 10 Super Brown Rigid Hardboard with beveled edges

CB1610H              List   16.10       discounted   to 8.99 ea                      add to cart

Made in USA, St. Louis


Size B 11 x 17 Engineering Drawings Clipboard Wood Clipboard Clipboard

11 x 17 Clipboard

Smooth Brown Rigid Hardboard, beveled edges durable brown writing surface
Simple durable OA Board size 12 x 20. Favored process plant inspections, OSHA Compliance, annotated drawings. For 11x17 documents, wood clipboard.

CLIP1117            List    20.85         discounted  to 12.75                         add to cart

Made in USA, St. Louis

Hardboard Clipboard



Hardboard Clipboards manufactured from a type fiberboard.Similar to particleboard and medium density fiberboard, but is denser  and much stronger and harder because it is made of exploded wood fibers that have been highly compressed . It differs from particle board in that the bonding of wood fibers requires no additional materials although resin is often added. Unlike particle it will not split or crack. Crane’s  hardboard is dry  processed hardboard smooth on both sides. Earth friendly see the Ghibli our new legal size PLUS hardboard ring board with low profile rings.

Unlike solid wood  hardboard is very homogenous with no grain. A wood grained veneer can be glued onto it to give the appearance of solid wood.  Hardboard is popular among acrylic and oil painters as a painting surface due to its economical  price (though it must be coated with gesso or canvas before use).

Hardboard has long been used as the surface material in economy letter size wood clipboards. It is also used as the final layer in many skateboard ramps and the Half-pipe.

The wet manufacturing processes for these man made wood panel products  were developed in the 1930s,40s and issued Letters Patent by the United States PTO.  The patents have mostly expired along with  trademarks that were allowed to expire.

Clean and green. We live in a litigious nation and  we see constant legislation for  environmental controls that are increasingly necessary as forward looking leaders see the planet beginning to suffer.  Could plastics be the DDT of the oceans?

Crane Binder Technologies wants to market the wood hardboard clipboards to the very offices that are entrusted to protect the infrastructure  of modern society and build up human worth and dignity Can you help?

Clipboards are needed to do the physical inspections. Note taking materials, business forms and filing products.Think of the hardboard clipboard as the paper companion to your Smart Tablet, iPhone/ iPad, wood clipboards.

Hardboard is an Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP) certified by the Composite Panel Association.

Composite Panel Association is 55 year old North American  wood based  panel and decorative surface trade organization. The association provides leadership on federal and state levels.

Progress is being made in sustainable forestry and process mills.  CPA offers an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) certification program, which certifies composite panel products that contain up to 100% recycled  or recovered  fiber and meet low formaldehyde emission limits. Most EPP - certified mills have also achieved compliance with California’s stringent  tough new regulation on formaldehyde emissions- the CARB rule.

NEWS RELEASE: Steel TOE Clipboard tm is a new hardboard clipboard created by Crane Binder Technologies. Unique , novel wood hardboard clipboards that have protective metal corners. Dec 1, 2014.


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