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Aluminum Clipboard Silver 12 x 9

Bird Watching
Birding Field Notebook

3 Ring Binder Birding
Cloth Handmade Binder
Stand Up For Birds


Handsome binder covers for feld birding or coffee table display. Love of bird watching motivates. Durable bookcloth is modern technology, cloth is woven ,coated and then final protective coating is UV acrylic coated to resist scuffing. Organize protect letter size documents 11 x 8.5 “ , 1.5 inch paper capacity, 2 “ external spine. Cloth cover hand wrapped over genuine binder’s board. Birding 3 ring binder engineered for bird lovers sheet protectors will NOT stick out!

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Birdwatching is social fun , become an expert in your local area. Learn about birds in their natural history seasonal movements become skilled after migratory birds know their arrival. What are the rare birds in your location?

Feed The Birds

Be selective about which seed you select. Don’t be too economical. Birds will avoid most “filler seeds” which then rot. Put out modest amounts of quality seed at a regular time each day.

Purchase this Crane birding notebook develop your birder dairy or field notebook 3 ring. See wiki articles about bird watching.

Enjoy birds.

Keep a written record of your observations. Bird journal, bird log sheet, bird paintings, bird tourism.

California Condors protected since 1982. Nest on fire eggs and chick have survived. Summer of 2018 chick #871 fledged during the fire. Was observed to have slightly tattered feathers. Otherwise in good health. Can you imagine big baby bird had never left the nest environs. It’s a baby condor! Flies away first time from burning nest! God help us help the birds.

Condor CAM ........

Today global viewers have the unprecedented opportunity to observe nesting California Condors and their young chicks in real time via live streaming webcams at the Ventana Wildlife Society’s Condor Sanctuary in BIG SUR along the California Coast and near the U S Fish and Wildlife Service’s Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in Southern California.

Visit their webcams, support their fine efforts. Purchase Crane Birding 3 ring field notebook. Log in your journal what you have observed.


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