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Your moment of genius. Now the moment of presentation. You are excited so use designer anodized aluminum presentation binders. Aluminum Binders. From jewelry to jet aircraft and museum buildings. Aluminum is part of the modern life. Museum displays have included works by Eero Saarinen and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Napleon lll displayed aluminum Ingots next to the Royal Jewels. High end modern brillance with strength and lightness in your 3 ring metal binders. There is an Increasing appreciation for aluminum 3 ring presentation binders.

You are about to address your target audience and want them to remember The take home message, CAPTURE ATTENTION with aluminum binders.

The anodized hard finish on crane's aluminum ring binders is harder and more abrasion resistant than paint. Subtly lazer engraving your logo on your aluminum landscape 11x17 architect binder, small binder, half page binder literally screams PICK ME UP and look inside frequently. Once you have captured target audience on the outside They LOCK ON to your message inside.

Elon Musk will forever be known as a game changer. Recently his organization had a great week, first they successfully landed a Space X rocket on a drone ship; first ever on water. The unveiling of TESLA 3 occurred with great  fanfare and the largest number of  preorders of any new product introduction, ever.  Yes, larger than Apple’s initial iPhone sales.

Tesla Motors is dedicated to utilizing aluminum in EV.

Crane Binder Technologies stocks over 10 different aluminum ring binders.

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aluminum binder 3 ring 1 inch metal binder
Aluminum Metal 1" Inch Binders
11x8,5 " Letter Size - 1" Paper capacity - Overall Size 11-5/8 H X 9- 7/8" W
Hard Anodized Aluminum, 3 Ring Nickel Rings. 175 Sheet Capacity
Item AL 13001
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Aluminum binder 1.5 inch metal 3 ring
Aluminum Metal 1.5" Paper Capacity Letter Size 3 Ring Binder
Exterior Dimension 11-5/8" H X 10-1/2" W. 260 Sheet Capacity
Item AL 13002
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aluminum metal 2 inch capacity 3 ring binder
Aluminum Metal 2" Paper Capacity Letter Size 3 Ring Binder
Exterior Dimension 11-5/8" H x 11-1/2 W X 3" 350 Sheet Capacity
Item AL 13003
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11 x 17 aluminum presentation 3 ring

11 x 17 ENGINEERING / ARCHITECT Landscape Aluminum Presentation Binder
Do not punch holes in your drawings/artwork. Ten (10) archival sheet protectors included. 3 rings on 11" side. Dramatic protection for 11 x 17 paper.. LIST  68.37
Item AL 13007

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aluminum easel binder portrait 1 inch
Easel Ring Binder, Aluminum Portrait Style Flips on 8-1/2" Document Side (short).
Top Opening. Rare Very Rare. Includes 10 Sheet Protectors. 1" Ring Capacity.
Accommodates MAX 175 Sheets.
Item AL 13005
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11x14 presentation binder aluminum
Aluminum Portfolio Presentation Binder, Think Modeling and Red Carpet.
For Document

Size 11 x 14 . 3 Ring Mechanism is 1" Capacity. A Few Customers use This Aluminum
Ring binder for Collection of Movie Lobby Cards. Holds 175 Sheets. Turns on the Short
11" Side. AL 13006
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Aluminum easel ring binder
Easel Ring Binder, Aluminum Landscape, Letter Size Flips on 11"
Document Side (Long).

Includes Ten (10) Sheet Protectors. 1" 3 Ring Capacity. Accommodates 175 Sheets
Item AL 13004
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aluminum landscape binder 8.5
Aluminum 8.5 X 11 Landscape 3 Ring Binder
Exterior Dimension Approximately 9.25 x 12.75 X 1.5 Based On STD Page Binds on Short Side (8-1/2") . 1" Ring Capacity.
Item AL 13008
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half page 3 ring binder
ALUMINUM BINDER Half Page Metal Hinge
Aluminum Small binder for page size 8.5 x 5.5 SS. Three ring binder half page. Look intently at picture. aluminum metal hinges. Exterior covers are 9.25 x 7.0 x 1.5 inch spine O.A. width to protect your important half page 8.5 x 5.5 documents. Metal ring binder. Anodized aluminum 3 ring binder. Extreme durability, used in commercial fleet vehicles, service expense IRS records.
Item AL 13009                                                                                         LIST 55.56
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day timer portable style aluminum 6 ring
Aluminum Smaller Ring Binder, Six (6) Rings - Document size is 6.75 X 3.75 " SS
Paper Capacity is 1". Uses SAME Papers and Accessories as DAYTIMER™
Item AL 13010
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