easel ring binder portrait white easel 3 ring binder Landscape White easel 3 ring binder landscape Black easel 3 ring binder Closed Black
  • easel ring binder portrait white
  • easel 3 ring binder Landscape White
  • easel 3 ring binder landscape Black
  • easel 3 ring binder Closed Black
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001 St. Genevieve 1 Inch Landscape Stand Up Easel Binder 1 White
easel binder stand up 3 ring white

Stand up presentation binder, 1 inch Vinyl, VIEW pocket clear front cover - insert your printed title sheet. FOLD back one cover of the binder to form a stand up display easel, enables you to present your sharpest graphic story. Wow the audience. Desktop easel Binder.

LIST 24.84                discounts down to 12.94 ea                P.N. STGV1-L

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002 St. Genevieve 1 inch Portrait Easel Binder 1 inch WHITE
easel 3 ring binder white 1 inch

St Genevieve tabletop presentation binder, Portrait Style flips over the TOP, turns on 8.5 inch document side. Top Opening. 1 inch vinyl covers with VIEW pocket front cover. 3 ring vertical ring binder. Color White or Black Portrait style is RARE offering.

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003 St. Genevieve Half Page Landscape, Small Binder - 1" White
small easel binder Landscape

Half Page easel ring binder model St Genevieve. Small easel 3 ring binder. View pocket front cover for inserting your pre printed Logo /Titles. RARE OFFERING. Landscape format Table top display Visual Impact in private setting. Tabletop set up in Apple store . Close sale on Mac Book ! Your message turns on the 8.5 inch side. Compact size. FOLD back one cover of the binder to Unfold display stand up easel 3 ring binder.

P.N. SEB 8555-1
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004 St. Genevieve 1.5 Inch Landscape - View Display Tabletop Binder
display table top easel binder

3 Ring easel binder, Landscape , larger 1.5 Inch capacity, 2 inch Spine width. Clear view pocket Front Cover, insert preprinted title Sheet. 11 x 8.5 inch SS documents flip on long side standard 3 hole. Stores compactly regular 3 ring binder. UNFOLD one cover sets up Tabletop stand up easel binder

LIST 33.15 discounts down to 11.93 each. STGV

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005 St Genevieve 1.5 inch Portrait - View Desktop Easel Binder
St. Genevieve Lanscape Easel Binder

View Presentation Easel ring binder PORTRAIT Style larger 1.5 Inch capacity. Documents flip over top on short side (8.5 side) Presentation desktop binder, taller vertical , transferring insights, Creating knowledge visual communication clear vinyl VIEW Front cover for user pre printed inserts. 8.5 x 11 inch SS White

P.N. PEB 8511-1.5
LIST 33.15                  discounted to 11.93 ea.
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  CANYON 17 x 11 Handmade Hardcover Display Tabletop Easel 5
easel binder 5 ring

5 Ring binder - 17 x 11 LANDSCAPE 17 x 11 easel binder, desktop easel custom 5 ring mechanism on 17 inch binding. Hardcover, hand glued wrapped library archival buckram cloth, aqueous acrylic coated turned edge over premium binders boards. Capacity is 1.5 inch rings w 2.25 inch spine. OVERBUILT, easel binder folds compact for travel, storage, set ups with Velcro fasteners (velcoins) ten (10). Clear vinyl sheet protectors for 5 ring binder are included with each binder. Crane stocks the sheet protectors and 17x11 paper punched 5 holes on 17 inch side. table flip chart 5 Ring Binder. USERS: museums, high end construction firms, TEAM - World Leader- "Internet search" - presentations, open Internet for the planet to government use Canyon Easel Binder.

LIST 234.60 discounted to 129.85

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  BARRISTER EASEL RING BINDER Display Table Top - Legal - 4 Ring
easel ring binder Legal 4 ring

4 Ring Binder - 14.5 x 8 Legal Size Landscape easel binder A frame or Tent style binder design. Archival Library cloth wrapped over premium boards, 1 inch ring capacity, 1.75 spine, 4 ring mechanism is nickel plated with 14 inch binding. Many Office printers may have 14 inch paper tray; In House document production Drives popularity of this display easel binder. Legal size. Motivate your audience with Barrister presentation flip chart binder. Hardcover hand made easel binder. TEEB1485-1

LIST 148.70 discount to 114.89

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  14x11 DISPLAY BINDER 4 Ring Presentation Binder - Larger Sheet Size
easel binder 4 ring large

Overbuilt Hardcover easel ring binder, LANDSCAPE flips on 14 inch binding, 4 rings Library archival grade cloth glue wrapped, turned over premium boards. tabletop presentation Limited availability; A Frame Tent easel binder. Gray cloth bound 14x11 SS, 1 inch diameter rings, 1.75 inch spine EBTE1411-1

LIST 155.10 Discounted to 114.50

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  WINGLOCK EASEL 3 RING BINDER - Hard Cover Cloth Durable
Cloth 3 ring easel binder

11x8.5 Landscape 3 Ring Presentation Archival hardcover 11x8.5 SS, 3 ring, flip sheets on long side, LANDSCAPE style A Frame Tent model BLACK Cloth, 1.5 inch rings spine is 2.25 inch letter size easel binder EBTE1185-1.5 Stand UP Display easel binder

LIST 83.40 Discounted to 44.50

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break back easel 3 ring binder

Binders for books. 11x8.5 SS pages turn Right to Left to read content. Bottom portion of hardcover folds back and out thus name Kickstand. Just like a bicycle. Folds easily store on shelving. tabletop Binder BLACK Arrestox B archival grade book cloth. Premium (6pc) boards. 3 rivets on spine. 3 ring mounts in spine. Favorite counter top presentation for high end cookbooks and Family recipes. Remodeled your kitchen upgrade your recipe binders. EBKS1158-1

LIST 43.65 Discounted to 25.28

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blue cloth disney Portrait easel binder

Turned edge Cloth over premium boards. Sheets flip on short (8.5) side Portrait style. Display Binder flip chart. Bright Blue cloth presentation binder. EBTE8511-1.5 Letter size, vinyl Sheet Protectors stocked. RARE, limited availability.

LIST 52.70 Discounted to 24.67

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easel binder


Presentation is Everything! Become the motivator
Select an Easel binder as part of the multi
media mix. This sales tool helps your audience
focus on value crafted for them. Display easel binder
conveys the purposive and recipient conveyance of
information. More than visual communication it is a
Knowledge transmission that will ensure its
availability for future users. Easel binder
transfers insights and creating new knowledge in
vertical easel, presentation, flip chart groups .


aluminum 3 ring easel binder landscape

11x8.5 inch Landscape Easel landscape aluminum 3 ring binder. Mfg. in USA recycled anodized aluminum. Flip chart on the long 11 inch side, 1 inch capacity. Easel binder folds, stores on shelf. Dramatic riveting attention, elevates the perceived value of your work. Knowledge transmission into groups of people. Aluminum easel binder originally marketed in San Francisco. AL13004

P.N. AL 13004
LIST 82.00                  discounted to 56.88 ea.
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3 ring easel binder aluminum portrait

8.5x11 Portrait style easel 3 ring binder. Your documents flip on short (8.5") side. Letter size 8.5x11.


P.N. AL 13005
LIST 82.00                  discounted to 56.88 ea.
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