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SHP Water Management Binder

Water Management Program
Legionnaires Disease

ASHRAE Standard 188
Legionnella Mitigation
Compliance Binder


Prior to 1976 there was no legionella disease. Now  upsurge in deaths due to Legionnaires Disease.

Emergency legislation being enacted  requiring Building owner/operators to protect occupants by implementing a  WATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM dutifully recording ,annotating mitigation logbooks.

Crane Binder Technologies is providing you a record Manual boldly titled on front  cover and spine. Unique hybrid 3 ring compliance binder has been specified and required for important construction  “as built” manuals for nearly 50 years.

Gold Standard Hybrid ring compliance binder.

SHP Swing Hinge rings will never fail! Lost or missing documentation currently may be costing one company nearly 1 billion dollars! Itís true, verified. Inadequate record keeping. This is not your teacherís notebook most 3 Ring teacherís notebooks, actively used, commonly fail at 400 sheets+. Over loaded ring binders suffer from mechanical interference. Phone us 800.298.5555.

Develop your WMP using the SHP No Fail  hybrid ring binder. Titled index tabs complete the start of your building WMP.  We provide tips/suggestions from CMS publication.

P.N. 1883                 Retail 343.97 each             Discounted as low as 85.10 each                          Add to Cart


Life is becoming more complex. Keep calm enjoy life. You are being told that your BUILDING may potentially be causing deaths. Nimrod, what have you wrought!. The perception of Big City Skylines is about to change. You see those buildings usually have a cooling tower installation on the roof.

Quiet government investigations have revealed that 40 to 60 % of cooling towers may  have Legionella Pneumophila. Proper procedural information gathering from the public is well underway. More new legislation is a certainty. New Laws. Probably thinking  more laws; will lawyers follow? Good thinking but wrong.

The lawyers are  ALREADY on the job. Google Legionella Lawyers. (e.g. JD, New Orleans) Implement the start of your Water Management Program today. Purchase 1883wmp now . Phone 800 298 555.

Health Care facilities are in a frenzy large building owners are poised for action; something is on the move! Inhabitants of Earth are becoming more informed. Prior to 1976 there was no Legionella Disease.

Photos of big city Skylines are very captivating. Itís where many dwell. Our principal took a photo of Lower Manhattan from 4th floor of 360 Furman Bldg, Brooklyn Heights, NY. Iconic skyline view is ubiquitous. Donít you love it. OBBP emerged as one of the most coveted places to live in NYC. Now New York building owners look at the Skyline  and think of the Cooling Towers on the buildings. New State regulations. Dutiful reporting.

Regulators possibly could  come knocking on your door. Will you have answers to their  legal teethed questions? Where is your WMP?

Hand them a media device such as a laptop from your IP. etc. No, presenting electronic media does not satisfy the law. Note keywords in law ďWritten records.Ē They demand annotated mitigation logs, unique written directives authored by your organization.


Loyal Elvis fan visits Graceland, guest at their brand new hotel (2017) across from Graceland, goes home to KY, promptly gets sick admitted to hospital dies on same day of admission. Rare this event traced back to Gracelandís new facility. No one warned her that being over age 50 with reduced immune system could lead to death. Hotel saunas, hot tubs, showers you have enjoyed. Now it may be a threat to your very life? Are you adequately being informed?

Same antibiotic effectively treats LD and common forms pneumonia. LD is especially virulent and after recovery patient may experience continuing severe neurological bodily damage.

Developing and maintaining a water management program is a multiple step process requiring continuous review.

Let Crane Binder Technologies help support your legal compliance issues. 800 298 5555 Today!


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